10 Best Gifts Cards for Entrepreneurs


Gifts Cards for

Any Reason

some see gift cards as impersonal, but as an ENTREPRENEUR there are just some things that we all need - all the time.  Whether you just want to say thank you, happy birthday or merry christmas, i got you covered.

  1. AUDIO BOOKS GIFT CARD : We are busy people and often don't have time to sit and read.  Audio books keep our hands free and our minds learning.  The ability to multitask is key.  Here are a few recommendations:  You Are A Badass at Making Money and The Art of Work.

  2. LOWES/HOME DEPOT GIFT CARDS : We always need something from here, plants, paint, screws, sandpaper, goof-off, a tent for an event.  Trust me you can't go wrong with this gift card.

  3. OFFICE SUPPLY GIFT CARD : Hello, we have to stock our own supplies - printing paper, ink, sticky notes, sharpies, folders.  These cost add up quick.

  4. MOO GIFT CARD - Perfect for professional marketing materials.

  5. AMAZON GIFT CARD : Because sometimes we are in the zone and don't have time to leave the house, plus Amazon has everything.  

  6. MASSAGE GIFT CARD : Long hours in front of the computer, on the sewing machine, painting or taking photos or any other repetitive action causes stiffness and a massage is just the thing to get those knots out.

  7. COFFEE SHOP GIFT CARD : Whether the gift card is to a local spot or chain (support local please), we need caffeine to fuel our days and looooong nights.

  8. MEAL PREP SERVICE GIFT : Said long nights don't leave much time to make meals, especially a health ones.  Providing even a week of a meal prep service is a life saver!

  9. GAS GIFT CARD : Literally the fuel that get us from client consultations, events and to a show.  A little help in the fuel department is much appreciated.

  10. ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION : We are always looking for inspiration, new ideas and oppotunities to continue our education.