Chairish Styleboard Challenge

I was so excited to be selected by Chairish (an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture) to share my taste for color by creating a styleboard around a vintage rug and taking a room from white to bright! 

Here are the rugs I had to choose from, all excellent choices:

Rug choices.jpg

If you have never put together a design board from scratch it's a daunting process.  While it sounds fun and the possibilities are endless, its the endless possibilities that are daunting.  Having so many items to choose from can be overwhelming.  Do you know how many fly pieces I come across on a daily basis?  I decided to keep things simple and shop 90% of my items from Chairish.  I wanted to show readers/shoppers how to pull together a space from one site with varied and unique items.  It also helps if you have a client in mind, "who lives in this space?"  Here are my client specs:

  • Single, female 30-something living in a metropolitan city;
  • Loves color, vintage, graphic pattern;
  • Style: Global Chic Meets Glam;
  • Occupation: Co-founder of an interior design magazine (wink).