Tips for Furniture Shopping

Whether you are shopping for new or vintage furniture, there are some simple things you should know to shop like a pro.


  1. Shop often.  Inventory can change daily and/or weekly.  If you are looking for something specific, ask the shop owner because what you're looking for may very well be in storage.
  2. Look for quality.  You want to look for pieces that are well made structurally and made of solid materials like, wood, brass or stone and pieces signed by the artist.
  3. Use your Imagination.  Vintage shopping is like treasure hunting through the eras, so be open to using pieces in unexpected ways.  Pay attention to how the vintage shop is displaying items and try to create a similar look in your home. 
  4. Be flexible.  It's always helpful to have photos of the room(s) you are looking to finish.  Don't be afraid to ask staff for help, they may be able to point you in a direction you never dreamed of to complete your room.
  5. If you love it buy it.  The chances of that piece being available when you come back is slim to none.  You will always find a place for the things you love - TRUST ME.


  1. Measure.  Measure and measure again.  Measure your doorways and hallways to determine if the piece will fit before you get it home.
  2. Map it out.  Use painters tape to mark where the sofa and coffee table will go.  This will give you a sense of space and flow.  
  3. Bring pictures.   Have pictures of your space on your phone to use as a reference when on the showroom floor.
  4. Get help.  Ask the sales representative about the construction of the piece and any available warranties.
  5. Buy what you love.  If you always stick to this principle you will never go wrong - NEVER.